Flinders University

New hope for sleep disorders without pills

Effect of sleep apnea on tailored insomnia treatment.

The key to understanding cancer causes

A link between a person's cancer risk and the functions of circular RNAs.

Management of an impacted fetal head during cesarean delivery

Caesarean birth injuries are occurring more frequently.

Researchers develop world’s first non-toxic aluminium-ion battery

The new aluminum radical battery promises more sustainable power.

Human evolution continues, reveals forearm artery

This evolutionary trend will continue in those born 80 years from today.

Fluidic device finds novel way to make oil and water attract

Imagine making some liquids mix that do not mix, then unmixing them. In one of the grand challenges of science, a Flinders University device which...

Smart coatings in the pipeline made from waste chemicals

An imaginative approach to polymer surface coating has produced a sustainable way to remove mercury from water – while providing a wide range of...

Concealed meanings behind ancient rock arts

The physical location of rock art may not be the sole determinant of the hidden nature of rock art.

A rare Australian native bee not recorded for almost a century has now found

It’s been there all along but is probably under increasing pressure to survive.

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