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Pregnancy hastens biological aging in young adults

Pregnancy may carry a cost.

Healthy diet linked to slower aging, lower dementia risk

Dietary patterns, aging rate, and dementia risk in Framingham study.

Bottled water found to contain uncounted tiny plastic fragments

A new microscopic technique zeroes in on the poorly explored world of nanoplastics.

Ketamine can alter the brain’s dopamine system, study

A deeper brain-wide perspective of how ketamine functions.

A superatomic material sets a speed record

The fastest and most efficient semiconductor yet.

Lack of sleep can harm your blood vessels

Reduced sleep boosts oxidative stress in female endothelial cells.

Individuals who consume marijuana have high levels of metals in their blood and urine

The results indicate marijuana is a source of cadmium and lead exposure.

Study find evidence that Parkinson’s starts in the gut

Autoimmune reaction can lead to what appears to be the early stages of Parkinson’s.

New research offers clues on the origins of the Universe’s magnetic fields

The source of magnetic fields has long been debated. New research offers clues on their origins.

Direct visualization of the zero-field pair density wave

Tunneling spectroscopy confirms exotic superconducting state in iron-based superconductor.

Energy insecurity has negatively impacted health and the environment

The renewable energy economy is out of reach for many households.

The low-flavanol diet causes age-related memory loss

Low flavanol intake can lead to age-related memory loss.

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