Carnegie Mellon University

Scientists created a taxonomy for AI privacy risks

The researchers identified 12 privacy risks.

New machine-learning technique promises 40% speed boost in real-world datasets

It predicts the future to optimize how information gets stored.

Revolutionizing Web Caching: A simple method to speed cache sifting

The algorithm holds the potential to transform the management of web traffic on a large scale.

The effects of LEED certification on energy efficiency in federal buildings

No effect of LEED certification on average energy consumption in federal buildings.

The new AI model aims to fill critical gaps in cybersecurity readiness

Scientists link resources to improve prioritization, spot attacks more quickly.

How do group affiliations affect the likelihood of whistleblowing?

Determining the impact of social structure on whistleblowing.

Study identifies several ways to boost exercise

The results could help frame the discussion between physical activity and chronic health.

New law to describe the thermal emission from metamaterials

Metamaterials or metasurfaces consisting of patterned subwavelength structures, have been widely employed for thermal emission control. However, the physics behind their thermal emission properties...

There is no gender difference in brain function or math ability, study

Brains of girls and boys are similar, producing equal math ability.

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