Arizona State University

Arizona State University

Exploring the mysterious case of the Inflated Exoplanet

Webb cracks case of inflated exoplanet

13 new papillomaviruses discovered in Antarctic seals

Viral finds on the frozen frontier.

Scientists found a distinct, thin layer above Earth’s core

Earth's surface water dives deep, transforming core's outer layer.

A novel DNA nano-engine

The researchers are now planning to fit it with a coupling and install it as a drive in complex nanomachines.

Women STEM instructors encourage undergraduates to conceal stigmatized identities

Women working as STEM instructors are more likely than men to disclose their undergraduate identities.

Measuring and mapping the abundance of chromium across Mercury’s surface

This is the first time that chromium has been directly detected and mapped across any planetary surface.

Scientists unveiled global observations of carbon dioxide aurora

Scientists unveiled global observations of aurora associated with carbon dioxide using satellite measurements.

Jupiter’s moon Europa may have had a slow evolution

Europa’s seafloor may be cool and hydrated, and may experience limited, if any, seafloor volcanism.

There could be rising silicon-rich snow in the Earth’s outer core

The silicon-rich snow can develop into greater depths with further secular cooling of Earth.

Water in International Space Station is full of bacteria

Safeguarding clean water for spaceflight missions.

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