University of Tokyo

A new method to confirm carbon capture in concrete

Confirming CO2 origins could be useful for emissions trading.

Stunning discovery: How Syllid worms form reproductive stolons?

The surprising world of stolonization in worms.

Fast radio bursts from distant neutron stars

“Starquakes” could explain mystery signals.

Fish uncover origins of altered human facial features

Zebrafish model reveals AOP for craniofacial anomalies.

High body temperature suppresses virus replication, study

Understanding the effect of body temperature on viral infection.

Scientists measured the dark matter halos around ancient quasars

This is surprising!

The study explains the ion-specific properties of ion hydration

Ions share their hydration secrets for industrial design and manufacturing.

Continuous-flow manufacturing: A new way to produce cefazolin

Cefazolin synthesis made more efficient and convenient.

Scientists used superfast muons to navigate underground wirelessly

New technology enables navigation in places GPS can’t reach.

Scientists successfully arranged nanoscale quantum sensors on desired targets

The sensors enable high-resolution magnetic field imaging.

The glacial cycle was driven primarily by astronomical forces in quite a different way than modern age

The glacial cycle was driven by astronomical forces in the past.

Space dust could offer clues about alien life

A proposed way to search for alien life using tiny rocks ejected from other worlds.

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