Sunday, June 4, 2023

University of Oxford

Nearly one in five UK adults may have misophonia

In representative sample, most people identified at least some irritation upon hearing trigger sounds such as sniffing and slurping

Telomere shortening is linked to signs of Alzheimer’s in brain scans

The length of the telomeres which cap chromosomes is associated with a reduced risk of dementia, but not stroke or Parkinson’s

Progestogen-only and combined hormonal contraceptives have similar association with breast cancer risk

An analysis of almost 10,000 women with breast cancer under the age of 50 found a similar association regardless of the type of hormonal contraceptive.

β-blockers may reduce aggression in persons with major psychiatric disorders

Study assesses medicated vs. non-medicated behavioral health in 1.4 million individuals over an eight-year period

Fracture rates are substantially higher in those with intellectual disability

The study aimed to assess the incidence of fractures in people with ID over the life course.

Scientists demonstrated a network of two entangled optical atomic clocks

This two-node network could be extended to additional nodes.

Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria found in neonates from low- and middle-income countries

They also found examples of transmission of sepsis-causing resistant bacteria within hospitals...

The study offers evidence that alcohol accelerates biological aging

It has been less certain whether alcohol also accelerates the aging process.

Elephant genes could hold the key to avoiding cancers, study

New insights into molecular interactions which could help people become less prone to cancer.

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