University of California San Diego

Metabolism of autism reveals developmental origins

Findings suggest new possibilities for early autism detection.

Scientists built the most extensive and most detailed bird family tree to date

Computational tools fuel reconstruction of new and improved bird family tree.

Genetic tool tracks CRISPR editing risks

Deciphering DNA repair progression with mutation classifier.

Healable cathode makes solid-state Li-S batteries a practical reality

Healable cathode could unlock the potential of solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries.

Injectable hydrogel protects right ventricle of heart

Hydrogels mitigate negative remodeling in right heart failure.

Type 2 diabetes affects vertebral disc behavior

Type 2 diabetes alters annulus fibrosus fiber deformation in UCD-T2DM rats.

New research uncovers significant number of slow-building solar flares

New research by a team led by UC San Diego astrophysics graduate student Aravind Bharathi Valluvan has discovered a significant number of slow-building solar...

How does obesity dismantle our mitochondria?

UC San Diego Study reveals key mechanism behind obesity-related metabolic dysfunction.

New research points to microbiome’s role in skin aging

Multi-study analysis reveals microbial clues to skin aging signs.

Saturn’s icy moon may hold the building blocks of life

Enceladus’ ice plumes may hold the building blocks of life.

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