University of California - Riverside

Research into fruit fly wings provides a peek into birth defects

Supercomputers help show how groups of cells develop into wings.

Astrophysicist Discovers Fiery, Volcanic Planet 66 Light Years Away from Earth

UC Riverside's astrophysicist, Stephen Kane, has made a groundbreaking discovery. He has found a planet called HD104067.01 that is situated in a star system...

Looking for life beyond Earth? Venus as a potential habitat

Earth-like but incapable of hosting life.

Researchers identify a method to double computer processing speeds

It doubles the processing power using the existing hardware already in these devices.

Lignin utilization makes inexpensive, carbon-neutral jet fuel possible

It demonstrated the possibility of supplying SAF to the market at competitive prices.

Malaria fight sees improvement

Identification of RNA-dependent proteins across the proteome.

The Megalodon was less mega than previously believed

Gigantic shark was slimmer than depictions in movies.

Unlocking aging secrets within leaves

Golgi integrity, COG, and the onset of dark-induced senescence.

Influenza immunity spurs rapid protection in new vaccine

Influenza boosts antibody power against SARS-CoV-2.

Scientists control key cancer protein for better treatment

Stereodiversified peptide library yields MYC-targeting inhibitors.

PRIYA: a new cosmological simulation model

Supercomputer enables illustration of large-scale structure of universe.

Plants use “trojan horse” to fight mold invasions

Plant RNA defense systems hidden in unassuming “bubbles”.

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