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Study reveals novel intervention for diabetic kidney risk

Adiponectin improves diabetic kidney function in mice.

Non-White children in England face 12% higher mortality risk

Ethnicity, deprivation, and infant mortality in England.

Dinosaurs’ range of locomotion made them incredibly adaptable; study

Dinosaurs’ success helped by specialized stance and gait.

Why are blueberries blue?

Tiny external structures in the wax coating of blueberries give them their blue colour.

A new species of Jurassic pterosaur found on the Isle of Skye

The new pterosaur is part of the Darwinoptera clade of pterosaurs.

Study explains the working of the ultrasonic warning sounds of Moths’ wings

The workings of the ultrasonic warning sounds produced by the wings of a species of moth have been revealed.

Promising new solution for preventing microvascular diabetic complications

It prevents diabetic eye and kidney disease in people with diabetes.

UK study exposes ‘Loneliness Loop’ in youth intimate partner violence cycle

Youth and intimate partner violence: Support in England.

Simple mathematical rules can’t explain the complexity of forests

The way trees grow together do not resemble how branches grow on a single tree.

200-million-year-old flying reptile discovered in Somerset

The animals either fell or their bones were washed into caves and cracks in the limestone.

Study cracked a vital process in Moon rock formation

Solving major puzzle in lunar geology.

Fast antidepressants and positive neuropsychological effects

Antidepressants swiftly alter emotional bias in rats, a new study shows.

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