University of Basel

Over 30 new species of bacteria discovered in patient samples

Some of these are associated with clinically relevant infections.

Study finds colour of Light may not affect sleep

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Basel and the Technical University of Munich suggests that the colour of light may...

Hearing loss therapies advancing with Novel discoveries

mTORC2 modulation of auditory hair cell structure and function.

Exploring the human retina: A detailed look

A new atlas illustrates how the human retina is developing.

A negative correlation is demonstrated between the two spins of an entangled pair of electrons

Physicists used spin filters made of nanomagnets and quantum dots.

Scientists discovered a new function of the cerebellum

The cerebellum also plays an important role in remembering emotional experiences.

Scientists successfully coupled two types of electron-hole pairs

These merged properties could be used to produce a novel source of individual photons.

Photon Storage in a Ground-State Vapor Cell Quantum Memory

Quantum network nodes with warm atoms

Scientists produced twin photons with different quantum dots

Twin photons from unequal sources.

Scientists discovered a new muscle layer on the jaw

Scientists discovered a previously overlooked section of our jaw muscles.

Immune cell activation: Scientists deciphered the details of it

How do immune cells get activated?

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