Tohoku University

Scientists discovered hidden structural regularity in Silica glass

The regulation of the atomic configuration is not uniform in all directions.

A high-speed electrical readout method for graphene nanodevices

This technique enables high-speed measurements of bilayer graphene quantum dots.

Replicating pseudogravity is possible

Photonic crystals bend light as though it were under the influence of gravity.

Screen time is linked to childhood development delays

The relation between screen time exposure among children aged 1 year and 5 domains of developmental delay at age 2 and 4 years.

The stickiness of cosmic dust aggregates depends on the size

To stick or to bounce.

Scientists developed a scaled-up version of a probabilistic computer

A scaled-up spintronic probabilistic computer.

A new type of echo phenomenon discovered: Associated with the energy-band structure

Ultrafast lightwave control of electrons in crystals.

Scientists identified rare earth elements produced by neutron star mergers

Rare earth elements synthesis confirmed in neutron star mergers.

Exploring the plasma loading mechanism of radio jets launched from black holes

A promising scenario that clarifies plasma loading mechanism into radio jets.

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