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Water molecule found on Asteroid for the first time

A feature that is unambiguously attributed to molecular water.

Large mounds on Kuiper belt object Arrokoth may have a common origin

These “building blocks” could guide further work on planetesimal formational models.

The study discovered the secret to Venus’s youthful appearance

What keeps Venus looking so young?

Giant swirling waves identified at the edge of Jupiter’s magnetosphere

The waves are an important process for transferring energy and mass from the solar wind.

The subsurface ocean of Saturn’s moon- Enceladus, contains a key building block for life

Key building block for life found at Saturn's moon Enceladus.

First close-ups of a source of energetic particles expelled from the Sun

Close-up views of energetic particle jets ejected from the Sun.

New models explain canyons on Pluto’s moon

Internal ocean freeze modeling does not support cryovolcanism on Charon.

Saturn’s smallest moon could support an internal liquid ocean

Saturn’s smallest, innermost moon could generate the right amount of heat to support a liquid internal ocean.

Darkest ever view of a dense interstellar cloud

The observations have revealed the composition of a virtual treasure chest of ices from the early universe.

Scientists found evidence of magnetic reconnection between Ganymede and Jupiter

This gives us a very early tantalizing taste of the information we expect to learn from ESA’s JUICE mission.

Scientists discovered web-like plasma structures in the Sun’s middle corona

The findings could lead to a better understanding of the solar wind’s origins.

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