Friday, June 9, 2023

Princeton University

A tiny marsupial is redefining the origins of flying mammals

Flying squirrels, sugar gliders & bats form their wing flaps with similar genetics.

New Universe’s cosmic expansion map confirms Einstein’s theory of gravity

For millennia, humans have been fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos.

Underground Water Could be the Solution to Green Heating and Cooling

Seasonal energy storage improves climate change flexibility.

Research team measured a value for the ‘clumpiness’ of the universe’s dark matter

Using the dark matter distribution to test our cosmological model.

Loofah-inspired hydrogel uses sunlight to purify contaminated water

It could potentially purify enough water to satisfy someone's daily needs, even when it's cloudy.

Chemists created quantum dots at room temp using lab-designed protein

Scientists are making novel proteins that never arose in life, doing things that don’t exist in life.

New catalysts could be key for the hydrogen economy

Inexpensive catalyst uses energy from light to turn ammonia into hydrogen fuel.

Exotic quantum state discovered at room temperature

The finding opens up a new range of possibilities for the development of efficient quantum technologies.

A new way to understand bacteria

This knowledge could be critical for advancing medical and environmental research.

How does water turn into ice? Scientists simulated the initial steps of ice formation

The resulting simulation describes how water molecules transition into solid ice with quantum accuracy.

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