Penn State

Rivers are rapidly warming, losing oxygen- risking aquatic life

This is a wake-up call.

New research could help advance clean energy storage technology

Striking gold with molecular mystery solution for potential clean energy.

Over one million acres of tribal land submerged by dams in the US

The findings raise concerns about the destruction of ecosystems, cultural heritage, and livelihoods.

Remarkable: An eco-friendly way to extract critical rare earth elements

A new mussel-inspired nanocellulose coating (MINC).

A simple and accessible method improves the structure of drug potency

An unidentified chemical procedure provides a safer and practical cyclopropanes.

Low sexual satisfaction is linked to memory decline later in life

Low sexual satisfaction in middle age may predict cognitive decline.

Scientists categorized more than hundreds of Blazers

Testing a theory of supermassive black holes with 100 newly described 'blazars'.

Our ancestors evolved from water to land

Fish have evolved a blinking behavior that is similar to our blinking.

Early-nesting ducks are in danger due to climate change and land use

Nesting timing affects demographic processes in cropland.

Temperature-responsive medical sensor with self-healing abilities and skin adaptability

Improved, self-healing medical sensor responds to temperature.

Real-time monitoring can help to understand fracture dynamics

Scientists developed a method to visualize fractures in real-time.

MPOX’s rapid test development represents a major leap forward in disease detection

First rapid test for mpox developed.

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