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Monitoring diseases through sweat becomes accessible to everyone

Clinical trials on pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis have shown success using a flexible device that can stimulate sweat glands and simultaneously monitor biosignals.

Astrophysicists traced the violent journeys of stars orbiting our galaxy’s central black hole

Stellar collisions produce strange, zombie-like survivors.

Harnessing cancer’s power to fight it

Enhanced T cell therapies via natural mutations.

Study explains how soil traps carbon

New findings explain how soil sequesters plant-based carbon from the atmosphere.

Creating viruses to eliminate harmful germs

Engineering pseudomonas aeruginosa phages using synthetic biology for clinical relevance.

New cause of neuron death in Alzheimer’s discovered

Short, toxic RNAs kill brain cells and may allow Alzheimer’s to develop.

Searching for dark matter in gaps between stars

Astronomers anticipate upcoming images of the Andromeda galaxy may hold vital clues.

A weird FRB erupted halfway across the Universe

A Fast Radio Burst (FRB) is a fleeting blast of energy that can – for a few milliseconds – outshine an entire galaxy. Over...

A new synaptic transistor mimics human intelligence

Transistor performs energy-efficient associative learning at room temperature.

Aortic aneurysm predicted by unstable fluttering

Blood-wall fluttering as a marker for aortic aneurysm progression.

Depression relief possible after just one sleepless night

Dopamine and mood changes due to sleep loss.

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