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Obese women don’t need to put on extra kilos during pregnancy, study

The guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy in obese women have long been questioned.

Study reveals broader impact of childhood adversity

Childhood adversity linked to adult mental health issues.

Bacterial meningitis leaves lifelong mark on one in three kids

Long-term disabilities surge after childhood bacterial meningitis in sweden.

Statins’ potential to slow dementia sparks more research

Registry-based study on statins and cognitive decline in Alzheimer's.

Premature babies benefit socially from early body contact

Early skin-to-skin contact impacts mother-infant interaction quality at four months for very preterm infants.

Drones can help save more lives from sudden cardiac arrest

Drones enabled the use of defibrillators before ambulance arrival.

Reassessing adolescent fitness impact on future cardiovascular health

Exploring cardiovascular risk in teens: Genes and environment.

Elevated metabolism as an Alzheimer’s indicator

Early mitochondrial hypermetabolism in Alzheimer's mice.

New study unveils Ebola virus cell infection mechanism

CCZ1 revealed as essential lysosomal regulator in virus infections.

Latest and most precise test for biological age

Epigenetic clocks favor kidney transplants over dialysis for renal aging.

Reduced oxygen exposure strengthens red blood cells against heart attacks

Low-oxygen red blood cells protect the heart by activating guanylate cyclase.

New molecular method speeds up detection of antibiotic resistance

New method reveals bacterial reaction to antibiotics in five minutes.

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