Georgia Institute of Technology

Antibiotic-free bacteria annihilation: The power of modified stainless steel

This modified stainless steel could kill bacteria without antibiotics or chemicals.

Electrochemical reactor converts CO2 removed from air into useful material

The approach is cheaper and simpler while requiring less energy.

Scientists investigated how multicellular life evolves from scratch

Long-term experimental evolution in the lab.

The role of stem cells in customized regenerative therapy

Researchers used an intracellular toolkit to identify effective cell therapies.

Physicists discovered a new quantum state in trimer-honeycomb material

The transformation allows for a billion percent increase in the material’s conductivity.

Scientists used machine learning to understand how water behaves

This is the first time anyone has been able to study this transition with this level of accuracy.

New dynamical framework for Turbulence

Compelling evidence that coherent structures can be harnessed to predict how turbulent flows evolve.

Skin itch mechanisms differ on hairless versus hairy skin

Research breakthrough could inform different treatments for chronic skin itch sufferers.

Soft wearable monitor made using soft electronics offers long-term health monitoring

Most commercially available health monitors rely on rigid electronic housing coupled with aggressive adhesives and conductive gels, which can cause discomfort and damage to...

Discovery advances the field of color-changing materials

Research allows switch from crystal clear to opaque.

World’s fastest creature may also be one of the smallest

Which is the fastest animal in the Earth? Most people will answer Cheetah, falcon or even a sailfish. But Saad Bhamla at Georgia Institute of Technology...

Flexible, wearable oral sodium sensor to enhance hypertension control

Hypertension can lead to increased blood pressure and heart complications. The main cause of this includes taking too much salt. To monitor salt intake, specialists at...

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