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Biodiversity protects against invasions of non-native tree species

Which regions on Earth are most vulnerable to non-native tree invasions?

A new method collects water from fog and purifies it

People living in dry but foggy areas should benefit from this technology.

Virus treatment for bladder infections

Rapid test and therapy technique based on phage-infecting microorganisms.

Using 3D X-rays to find breast cancer early

Scientists wants to improve a method for diagnosing breast cancer.

Team of legged robots to explore challenging lunar surfaces

Legged robots like our ANYmal cope well in rocky and steep terrain.

Scientists discovered surprising properties of the cytoskeleton

"Hightech” materials from nature.

A new method to observe chemical reactions taking place in liquids

Why urea may have been the gateway to life?

Global warming could surge the CO2 emissions from soil microbes

Microbial CO2 emissions in the polar regions will increase twice as much as in the rest of the world.

The new method uses slow electrons to boost chemical reactions

Solvated dielectrons: a new frontier in chemical research.

The global thickness and density of the Martian crust revealed

Martian crust like heavy armour.

Distant quantum objects can be much more strongly correlated with each other

The first-​ever loophole-free Bell test with superconducting circuits.

Scientists created the heaviest Schrödinger cat to date

Fat quantum cats.

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