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An active stellar corpse shows signs of life after the star’s explosive death

With unprecedented flares, stellar corpse shows signs of life.

New sonar-equipped glasses use AI to interpret upper body poses in 3D

A game-changer in wearable body-sensing technology.

X-rays reveal microstructural fingerprints of 3D-printed alloy

A novel approach to explore the way microstructure emerges in a 3D-printed metal alloy.

Gaseous carbon dioxide can trigger explosive eruptions

The research offers a clearer picture of our planet’s deep internal dynamics and composition.

JWST reveals new secrets of Jupiter’s moons in a new light

James Webb Space Telescope sees Jupiter moons in a new light.

New research suggests a strategy to ward off age-related weight gain

The effects of a slowing metabolism could be reversed.

Lingering effects of neanderthal DNA are still present in modern humans

Neanderthal genes are still influencing human traits.

Advancements in understanding circadian rhythms: Latest research

Unveiling the mechanisms of circadian clock timing with cryptochrome-timeless structure.

The Role of Circumstances and Personality in Determining Happiness

The Interplay of Behaviors, Circumstances, & Psychological Traits in Pursuing a Good Life.

Glasses with AI can read a silent speech

Acoustic sensing enables silent speech recognition without eyewear.

Teenagers who trust information found online believe it to be less stressful

The findings highlight the need for news literacy programs.

Exact magma locations could help with predicting volcanic eruptions

A way to better assess the risk of volcanic eruptions.

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