Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Measurements of hypernuclei flow at RHIC

Particle collisions provide insight into neutron stars' properties.

Massive neutron stars likely to have a strange quark matter core

Exploring the equation of state of dense matter.

New water reservoir found on Moon

Impact glass beads in Chang'e-5 (CE5) lunar soils contain...

Synergistic Iron Carbide Catalysts Enable Direct Syngas-to-Higher Alcohol Conversion

Synergistic Ca-Fe catalyst exhibited high alcohol selectivity and space-time yield.

Honey bees use social signal learning to improve waggle dance

Young honey bees follow dances of older bees to improve performance.

Researchers look at Coronal Mass Ejection Quasiperiodic variations

Scientists used the angular width of CMEs as a criterion for classifying the CMEs in the study.

Study sheds light on electrocatalysts for acidic oxygen evolution reaction

A fresh guideline to the rational design and synthesis of high-performance acidic OER electrocatalysts.

Astronomers detected a strange molecular bubble-outflow structure in space

They identified a new molecular bubble in the carbon monoxide signal from both telescopes.

Physicists observed global spin alignment signal in heavy-ion collisions

A potential new avenue for understanding the strong interaction at work at the sub-nucleon level.

Researchers find water formed from solar wind in lunar soils

The abundance, distribution and origin of lunar surface water have received a lot of attention recently.

Exploring progenitor system of Type Ia supernova

Scientists carried out detailed hydrodynamic simulations of the common-envelope wind model.

How much water do we need a day?

So the actually required water intake is about...

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