Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Economic wealth and happiness: Examining the connection

Well-being increases with economic growth but decreases with rising income inequality.

Giant magnetic toroids found in Milky Way’s Halo

A new understanding of the physics of our Milky Way.

Metal-free graphene quantum dots for highly efficient tumor therapy

Treating tumors with few side effects.

A novel dry powder inhaled vaccine platform

This platform combines biodegradable microspheres with protein nanoparticles.

Researchers use embryonic stem cells to generate live-born Chimeric monkey

A live-birth chimeric monkey using a high contribution of embryonic stem cells (ESCs).

New study reveals massive anomaly in Earth’s interior from moon-forming collision

Heterogeneity of earth's mantle may be relics of moon formation.

Astronomers discovered an infant escaping star

New observational evidence for the initial state of escaping stars.

Violent material ejection process of a dying massive star observed

Such mass loss processes can provide essential information for understanding the final evolution of a massive star.

An acoustic trapping chip can provide 3D trapping of cells

The chip can provide nN level trapping force and ms level trapping time for micron sized particles.

Confirmed: The first Black Hole ever imaged is surprisingly spinning

Enhancing our understanding of the nature of supermassive black holes.

Chicken Or Dinosaur? New fossil link in bird evolution

The new species exhibits a bizarre assembly of morphologies that are shared with other avialans.

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