Underground ‘Groundfridge’ keeps produce fresh without electricity

The naturally cool cellar.


Floris Schoonderbeek, a Dutch designer, has created the spherical GroundFridge. It is a new, super-old idea that keeps fresh produce deliciously fresh without electricity.

A Groundfridge is like a big underground fridge that can hold stuff—specifically, 3000 liters of things! To give you an idea, that’s as much as 146 homemade apple pies, a bunch of wine, or even two adults standing up comfortably. It’s great for keeping things fresh, like vegetables, cheese, or wine.

The Groundfridge uses the natural insulation the ground provides, keeping its interior temperature between 8 to 15 degrees Celsius. Since the outside temperatures change, the inside of your Groundfridge will also change a bit. The cool thing is, you don’t need any electricity for it to work. It has a ventilator powered by a battery that uses the cold air from the night to help with cooling. If you want an extra-steady temperature, you can add an external cooler.

Underground 'Ground Fridge' That Don't Use Electricity

The standing height in your Groundfridge is 200 cm. It has a wide tunnel entrance. Its total air volume is 7,8 m3.

The designer said, “Modern houses are often built without a basement while many people nowadays feel the need for one: they’re focused on healthy food and, for example, grow their food or buy in bulk at the local organic farmer.”

Groundfridge outside
Credit: Groundfridge

This ground fridge is a basement as a product. The material used to create it is very light and robust. It makes the Groundfridge easily transportable. It uses the insulating effect of the ground and the cooling effect of the groundwater.

Compared to the regular fridge, this ground fridge has 20 times the larger volume. This makes it an attractive choice for anyone with a vegetable garden or wanting to live a modern, self-sustainable lifestyle.

Underground 'Ground Fridge' That Don't Use Electricity

Other Specifications:

  • It is lockable to keep the produce safe.
  • It lights up when you open it- just like your electric refrigerator.
  • Its ventilation system is entirely solar-powered.
  • Because of its gel-coated wall, keeping the fridge clean is super-easy.
  • Weighs 500 kilos.
  • Has wooden shelves.