Tata Motors Develops India’s First Bio-Methane Bus That Run On Food Waste

One major step towards country's greenery.


Tata Motors, India’s largest Commercial Vehicles manufacturer and the No 1 Bus Brand has recently developed a class-leading innovation. The company is always supposed to bring the latest innovation and provide smart city solutions in the field of commercial vehicle industry. This time the company has developed India’s first bio-methane bus at the Bio-energy program, called ‘Urja Utsav’.

The more fascinating about this is it run on methane that generally produced out of bio-degradable materials like kitchen waste.

Especially for LCV, ICV & MCV buses, the company has developed bio-methane engines with 5.7 SGI & 3.8 SGI. The company’s aim towards this India’s first bio-methane bus is to provide an effective solution for wet garbage management.

According to the company, the use of Bio-CNG will help in smart cities of the future.

Along with the lead model, engineers showcased three engines during Utsav- Tata LPO 1613 with 5.7 SGI NA BS-IV IOBD-II compliant bus. Although, the Tata LPO 1613 is already in operation by PMPML (Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited).

Mr. Girish Waugh, Head, Commercial Vehicles Business, Tata Motors said, “We are delighted to present yet another product with innovation in alternate fuel technologies, to cater to the need for a greener country. The use of Bio-CNG will contribute in a positive manner to the Smart Cities proposition of keeping them clean and is a good option for wet garbage management.”

Using food waste to produce bio-methane and then it in bus leads to an environment free vehicles. This gas, which gets produced out of natural degradation process, escapes into the atmosphere unused. If using it in engines, it reduces the net impact on the environment and at the same time produces useful power.

The company believes that moving toward gas engines will not only decrease emissions for a cleaner environment but operating engines on bio-methane will also help promote Government of India’s Smart City initiative.

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