Zika Virus

Robotic vehicles are used to fight against mosquitos carrying dengue

Effectiveness of using automatic vehicles to monitor sewers for Aedes mosquitos and carry out eradication.

COVID-19 can cause brain cell fusion

SARS-CoV-2 infection can cause neurons to merge, which can disrupt brain function.

Climate change could drive more Zika and dengue epidemics and longer transmission seasons

Examining how newly emerging diseases will be impacted by specific future climate change scenarios.

A new system that restrains populations of mosquitoes

CRISPR-based system developed to safely restrain mosquito vectors via sterilization.

Our immune system can fight against multiple viruses, study

Disease severity and outcome result from individual differences that define immune status and contribute to responses to infection. A study based on blood samples...

New antiviral materials made using sugar

This compound could also be effective against new emerging viruses such as the recent coronavirus currently of concern in China.

Why Zika causes birth defects in some pregnancies?

Severe birth defects caused by the Zika virus may be related to the kinds of antibodies infected mothers produce to fight the disease, a study by YSPH researchers and others shows.

Scientists find antimalarial drug may be repurposed to treat Zika

In their search for a possible treatment for Zika virus infection, a team of Indian researchers has identified a viral protein that can be...

Children with dengue infection could be protected from symptomatic Zika

Dengue has been endemic to the Americas, Zika wasn’t reported in the region until 2015. The viruses are very similar: they are transmitted by...

Blood tests reveal broad extent of Zika infection

In a new study by the UC Berkeley, scientists showed that almost half of the population in Managua, Nicaragua, has been infected with the...

Zika virus protein prevents development of Brain

Zika virus disease is caused by a virus transmitted primarily by Aedes mosquitoes, which bite during the day. The virus is associated with an...

Immune response to Zika infection leads to fetal harm

Similar proteins that mount a strong, resistant reaction to Zika infection can likewise hurt the placenta and fetal advancement, as indicated by a Yale-led...

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