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Computer simulation showing the distribution of warm-hot intergalactic gas Image: Wikipedia

Finding a cosmic fog within shattered intergalactic ‘pancakes’

To understand the most ordinary matter in the universe — and the extraordinary things that happen to it — a Yale-led team of astronomers took a deep dive into the cosmic fog.
A combination immune therapy could reduce genital herpes

A combination immune therapy could reduce genital herpes

Yale scientists have shown that a combination of a vaccine and a medicated cream is a promising strategy to diminish the recurrence of genital herpes drastically.
Newly developed scorecard promotes better clinical trial data sharing

Newly developed scorecard promotes better clinical trial data sharing

Since the late 1990s, new laws and regulations have expanded necessities for pharmaceutical companies to enroll and report results from clinical trials. However, a...
From front to back: an emu egg, a eumaniraptoran theropod egg, and a crocodile egg (Photo credit: Jasmina Wiemann)

A second look at the color of the dinosaur eggs

Birds are the only living amniotes with colored eggs which have long been considered to be an avian innovation. A recent study now has...
Illustration of mitochondria, specialized structures in cells that turn nutrients into energy

The study examines the role of metabolism in immune cell behavior

Our body is a network of trillions of individual living cells. Thus, our overall state of bodily health is an ideal portrayal of how...

A more accurate way to identify phases of matter

Phases of matter are the distinct physical forms taken on by all the “stuff” in the universe. CLassifying the phases of matter is a...
A galaxy with a quasar at its center, surrounded by dust. (Illustration: Michelle Vigeant)

Cold quasars could rewrite our understanding of a galaxy’s lifecycle

A Cold quasar is a galaxy with a quasar at the center and abundant cold gas that can still produce new stars. Gas falling...
images from a computerized tomography of the brain.

Lowering blood pressure reduces brain bleeding in strokes

Hypertension is the strongest risk factor for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) involving deep brain regions, but it appears to be unknown if intensive blood...
A laser-heated diamond anvil cell is used to simulate the pressure and temperature conditions of Earth’s core. Inset shows a scanning electron microscope image of a quenched melt spot with immiscible liquids. (Image credit: Sarah M. Arveson)

What does Earth’s core have in common with salad dressing?

This magnetic field is formed deep inside the earth in a fluid outer core of iron and other elements that creates electric currents. The...