Eliminating the largest wine glasses reduces wine sold in bars and pubs

The finding could provide one way of nudging customers to drink less alcohol.

Good news for wine and cheese lovers

The study indicates diet may help reduce cognitive decline.

Wine glass size can influence the amount of wine drunk

Bigger the size of wine glasses, even without increasing the amount of wine, leads people to drink more, suggests a new study by the...

Red wine boosts gut health and reduces bad cholesterol

The Gut Microbiome of red wine drinkers was more diverse compared to non-red wine drinkers.

Wine before beer, or beer before wine?

How do you order your drinks? Beer before wine or wine before beer? Well, it really does not matter if you drink too much. You will...

New advice for type 2 Diabetics: Drink wine

Until now, various studies have shown the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. Also, there are some contradictory studies that caution users just because wine was...

This is Why Expensive Wine Tastes Better

According to a previous research by INSEAD Associate Professor of Marketing, Hilke Plassmann's research group, a higher price of chocolate or wine increased the expectation that...

Physicist Develops Drip-Free Wine Bottle

No matter how much of a wine aficionado you are, you can't escape the pesky wine drip on your own. Wine bottle drips are...

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