wearable electronics

Temperature-responsive medical sensor with self-healing abilities and skin adaptability

Improved, self-healing medical sensor responds to temperature.

Engineers created low-cost on-skin biomedical electronics using pencils and paper

MU engineers discover the possibility of using pencils to draw bioelectronics on human skin.

Wirelessly-controlled Bandage helps heal chronic wounds more effectively

This 'smart' bandage can deliver fresh medication to the wound without being removed.

Tiny prosthetic enables jellyfish to swim faster and more efficiently

The ultimate goal is to use these animals to explore and record information about the oceans.

Researchers create customizable, fabric-like power source for wearable electronics

Led by Professor Chen Xiaodong, Associate Chair (Faculty) at the School of Materials Science & Engineering and his team at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore...

Stretchy, Skin like Game Controller Acts like Second Screen

Nowadays, wearable technology becomes popular as smartphones, computer, and mobile applications. Its hands-free monitoring is the most appealing application of it is of artificial...

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