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This graph shows the correlations between three parameters that lead to a single descriptor which provides a rational basis to design electrolyte compositions for high-power alkali metal-oxygen batteries, including potassium-air batteries. This research from the McKelvey School of Engineering will help engineers find the right electrolyte for new and improved batteries, including potassium-air batteries. (Credit: Ramani Lab)

Single easy to measure parameter to choose electrolyte for alkali-Metal air batteries

Metal air batteries have been considered as a successor to lithium-ion batteries which could potentially make electric cars to cover thousand miles or more in single charge had the only challenge of choosing the right electrolyte.
The specialty of the arrow of time in an open quantum system

The specialty of the arrow of time in an open quantum system

In both thermodynamics and quantum mechanics, the arrow of time is described by the statistical likelihood of physical procedures. In a new experiment by the...
The science behind the sweetness of the stevia plant

The science behind the sweetness of the stevia plant

What makes the stevia plant so sweet? Scientists from Washington University in St. Louis have the answer. By determining the structure of the RebA protein,...
Washington University researcher Karen DeMatteo and her scat-sniffing dog Train are on a mission to preserve jaguars, pumas, bush dogs and other carnivores in the forests of Northeastern Argentina. (Photo: courtesy of Karen DeMatteo/Washington University)

Sniffing out error in detection dog data

Why do dogs that are trained to locate poop sometimes find the wrong kind of poop? A new study by the Washington University in St. Louis...
Brightness boosting patch

New patch boosts brightness in medical diagnostic tests

Fluorescence-based biosensing and bioimaging technologies are broadly utilized as a part of research and clinical settings to recognize an image different biological species of...
Defects in tissue trigger disease-like transformation of cells

Defects in tissue trigger disease-like transformation of cells

A small termite can lead to big problems. They are very good at chewing the wood. Termites can do even more damage if the...
Brain cancer, 3D illustration showing presence of tumor inside brain

Noninvasive brain tumor biopsy on the horizon

Brain biopsy is the removal of a small piece of brain tissue for the diagnosis of abnormalities of the brain a complicated and invasive surgical...
Environmental scientists testing carbon dioxide abatement are using underground basalt flows to contain and convert the gas to an inert mineral. A new series of experiments conducted at Washington University give a new, precise look at the process. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

Study sheds light on what happens underground when CO2 is injected into basalt

At the point when petroleum products are singed, carbon dioxide (CO2) is radiated. As the gas rises and ends up caught in the climate,...