Tuesday, July 5, 2022


Tonga volcano eruption was among the most powerful ever observed

The eruption triggered atmospheric gravity waves reaching the edge of space.

Ancient moon volcanoes may one day provide astronauts with drinkable water

Roughly 41% of the water from volcanoes may have condensed onto the moon as ice.

3.8-Billion-year-old crystal to point earliest geochemical evidence of plate tectonics

Crystal to point an early start for the active global process that shapes Earth's surface and climate

Surprisingly cool ‘hotspots’ found under Earth’s crust

The findings suggest current theories of how some volcanoes form may be too simple.

Toxic microbes caused the largest metazoan extinction in Earth’s history

Toxic microbe burps caused mass extinction.

Northern Mars experienced thousands of ‘super eruptions’

NASA confirms thousands of massive, ancient volcanic eruptions on Mars.

ESA’s TGO snapped volcanic trenches on Mars

This pair of trenches was likely formed by tectonic activity related to volcanism.

Supervolcanoes remain active for thousands of years after a super-eruption

The threat of further hazards exists for many thousands of years after.

Volcanic eruptions might have created the first puffs of oxygen into the atmosphere

Volcanic eruptions may have spurred the first ‘whiffs’ of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere.

Phosphine on Venus points to volcanic activity on Venus

It’s telling us about the geology of Venus.

Early humans were saved from the worst effects of volcanic supereruption- Toba volcano

Resolving this debate is important for understanding environmental changes during a key interval in human evolution.

Formation of new atmosphere observed on a rocky exoplanet

The planet has a similar density, size, and age to those of Earth.

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