Enabling AI models to see the world more like humans do

Researchers enhance peripheral vision in AI models.

Foot-eye coordination: studying how our vision adapts while walking

Walking affects how well we see based on our stride.

Infants struggle with unfamiliar male voices

Researchers examine whether 4.5-month-old infants can identify unfamiliar male speakers.

Using AI images to map visual brain functions

Understanding how vision is organized.

Study reveals brain processes involved in vision

How does the brain react and learn compared to being shown images which match what was predicted?

Your eyes and ears talk with each other, study

Scientists know what they’re saying.

Undetected glaucoma in older people

Glaucoma prevalence in Gothenburg's 70-year-old population.

Hopeful progress in retina cell research for battling blindness

A nanofibrous scaffold with fluocinolone acetonide enhances culturing of retinal pigment epithelial cells.

The shape of objects could be perceived via vision and touch, study

The brain is organized as operators that execute a given function regardless of input senses.

Scientists now traced the 500 million-year-old origin of vertebrate IRBP to a bacterial source

Vertebrates acquired a special protein from bacteria more than 500 million years ago.

New class of taste receptors discovered

According to a study, opsin proteins, known for decades to be required for vision, also function as taste receptors. The study sheds light on...

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