People of color victims of lethal violence and suicide in the US die younger than their white counterparts

Access to firearms, medical and mental health problems, and socioeconomic factors may help explain inequities.

Violence exposure linked to gun carrying among teens

Teens who See violence more likely to carry guns.

Schizophrenia during pregnancy triples the risk of interpersonal violence

There are many opportunities for health care providers to intervene and prevent harm to these patients.

Another victim of violence: Trust in those who mean no harm

Exposure to violence is associated with long-term physiologic and brain changes that impact behavior and long-term health. In adolescence, this can manifest as a...

Movie violence doesn’t make kids violent, study finds

There is evidence that some children imitate Ninja kicks, and that occasionally someone will "copycat" a crime they've seen or read about in the...

Witnessing violence in high school as bad as being bullied

Students who experience violence at a high school are more likely to report psycho-social and academic impairment later. The study conducted by the Université de Montréal...

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