Lettuce should be refrigerated to minimize E. coli contamination

Attached is E. coli O157:H7 on leaf surfaces, highlighting the susceptibility of leafy greens.

Reducing salt intake: Quick and delicious low-salt meal ideas

For a start, research shows they may want to focus on eliminating extra salt from their diet.

Child-appealing packaged food and beverage is high in sugar and low in nutrients

Child-appealing packaged food and beverage products in Canada–Prevalence, power, and nutritional quality.

Study revealed the environmental impact of processed foods

More nutritious foods are often more sustainable.

Consumption of vegetables might not lower the risk of CVD

Previous positive studies may not have sufficiently corrected for confounding socioeconomic and lifestyle factors.

Fruit and vegetable consumption and exercise can make you happier

There is also positive causation from lifestyle to life satisfaction.

Canadians’ consumption of fruit and vegetables drops by 13 percent in 11 years

To look at what people are eating and observe to see how food group intakes have changed over time, scientists at the University of...

What give vegetables their shape?

Sometimes you pick a cherry from the bag only to find it doesn’t look like a normal cherry. There’s always that occasional fruit or...

Day temperature, not day light, influences beans flowering: study

Sem beans is a commonly grown and consumed vegetable in many parts of the country. It grows and flowers mostly in winter months. Agriculture...

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