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UNSW Associate Professor and Chair of the Australian Photovoltaics Institute, Renate Egan, Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities, Paul Fletcher and UNSW’s Dean of Engineering Professor, Mark Hoffman. Photo: Robert Largent

New tool sheds light on solar potential of buildings

Another online platform that will advise choices about how mortgage holders and urban organizers can benefit as much as possible from chances to utilize...
Wellington Caves in mid-west NSW where scientific research is being carried out. Image: wellingtoncaves.com.au

How changes in climate and land use will impact groundwater?

Researchers from UNSW and Germany are directing exploration this week at Wellington Caves in NSW as a feature of a worldwide undertaking to better...
water splash, aqua water

World-first graphene-based filter to improve the quality of drinking water

UNSW researchers have built up a world-first graphene-based, lab scale filter that can expel over 99% of the omnipresent regular natural matter abandoned amid...
Male patient under eye vision examination in eyesight ophthalmological correction clinic

Eye care professionals improves glaucoma management

Glaucoma is a dynamic optic neuropathy that influences roughly 3% of individuals matured 50 years and over. Its frequency is expanding as Australia's populace...
This Sitka Spruce on Campbell Island contains a clear “global” marker of a new epoch

The loneliest tree symbolizes a new age for our planet

Human first step on the moon was in 1969. At that time, individuals of that decade thought the world had changed until the end of...
Brain scans show why people get aggressive after a drink or two.

Study discovered why people get aggressive after a drink or two

Scientists measuring blood flow in the brain to better comprehend why individuals frequently end up noticeably forceful in the wake of drinking liquor have discovered...
Robotic 'Starbugs' technology to study millions of stars

Robotic ‘Starbugs’ technology to study millions of stars

UNSW researchers will co-lead the speediest ever study of stars in our cosmic system, following the dispatch on Thursday of a progressive new Australian...
Hydrogen-boron fusion now ‘leading contender’ for energy

Hydrogen-boron fusion now ‘leading contender’ for energy

UNSW scientists have recently created a laser-driven technique to create a fusion that dispenses with the need for radioactive fuel elements and leaves no...