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Girl taking sexy selfies

Study suggests why women take sexy selfies

Women live in societies that value their appearance more than their other qualities. The argument is usually that when you see sexualization, you see...
Inside the target chamber at the University of Rochester’s Omega Facility, lasers compress iron-silicon samples to the ultrahigh pressures found in the cores of super-Earths. Photo courtesy of Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Ultrahigh-pressure laser experiments enlightens cores of super-Earth exoplanets

Researchers have identified more than 2,000 of these "super-Earths," exoplanets that are bigger than Earth, however, smaller than Neptune. By examining how iron and...
school kid

Children of youngest and oldest mothers at higher risk of developmental vulnerabilities

According to a new study by the UNSW scientists, kids born to adolescent moms have the increased danger of developmental vulnerabilities at age 5,...
Garvan researchers used fluorescence techniques to pinpoint where tangled DNA structures called i-motifs were located in the nuclei of human cells, visible as green dots. Credit: Chris Hammang

New four-stranded structure that comes and goes in the DNA

For the first time in the world, UNSW researchers have identified a new DNA structure – called the i-motif, a twisted ‘knot’ of DNA inside...
Our galaxy, the Milky Way. Image: Shutterstock

Finding lost siblings of the Sun

UNSW scientists in collaboration with European scientists demonstrated that the “DNA”, or spectra, of more than 340,000 stars in the Milky Way could aid them...
Garbage can

Smart technology in public spaces can help create cities that are both smart and...

How are shrewd urban communities intended to address subject issues? Enormous information from a system of sensors can give administrators and organizers a constant,...
Dr. Ashley Ruiter, Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, UNSW Canberra.

New puzzle for astronomers who discover a new object within a dead star

Scientists have discovered the X-ray emitting neutron star in an approximately 2,000-year-old supernova remnant in the Small Magellanic Cloud, a satellite dwarf galaxy of...
Model of the head of an adult male Neanderthal at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Image: Tim Evanson: CC BY-SA 2.0

Why the long face? Explanation found for Neanderthals’ huge noses

Scientists have determined the extinct human species of Neanderthals and found that this extinct human species probably expended huge amounts of energy in pursuit of an...
UNSW Associate Professor and Chair of the Australian Photovoltaics Institute, Renate Egan, Federal Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities, Paul Fletcher and UNSW’s Dean of Engineering Professor, Mark Hoffman. Photo: Robert Largent

New tool sheds light on solar potential of buildings

Another online platform that will advise choices about how mortgage holders and urban organizers can benefit as much as possible from chances to utilize...