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The Big Red Plasma Ball is pictured in Sterling Hall. It’s one of several pieces of scientific equipment being used to study the fundamental properties of plasma in order to better understand the universe, where the hot gas is abundant. PHOTO: JEFF MILLER

Physicists recreate mini sun to study solar winds and plasma burps

With their mini-sun in place, the researchers can take measurements at many points inside the ball, allowing them to study solar phenomena in three dimensions.
This is the scorpion Kolotl magnus from Guerrero, Mexico. CREDIT Carlos Santibanez-Lopez

Venom shape untangles scorpion family tree

Carlos Santibanez-Lopez, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison had fear of scorpions that scrolls on his walls and ceilings. But when his college project...
Scientists create artificial eye to see in the dark

Scientists create artificial eye to see in the dark

Scientists have created an artificial eye to see in the dark by linking the best features of a Lobster and a fish. This artificial eye...