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University of Utah chemical engineering assistant professor Swomitra Mohanty, pictured with beakers of algae, is part of a team that has developed a new kind of jet mixer for turning algae into biomass that extracts the lipids with much less energy than the older extraction method. It is a key discovery that now puts this form of energy closer to becoming a viable, cost-effective alternative fuel. Credit: Dan Hixson/University of Utah College of Engineering

Turning Algae into fuel

High energy density transportation fuels remain essential to long distance transportation. However, scalable high energy density alternatives to fossil fuels remain challenging. Yet, microbial...
Study Revealed The Right Age To Get Married

Study Revealed The Right Age To Get Married

It's already a difficult task to find a right life partner to get married at the right age. But science has even suggested the...
Quick Menstrual Cycle Linked To Lower Fertility

Study Links Menstrual Cycle Characteristics to Fertility

Almost every woman experience menstrual cramps every month. The menstrual cycle is characterized by processes in the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian system. Previously, a study proves that...