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New prosthetic technology lets you control artificial arms

New prosthetic technology lets you control artificial arms

Scientists at the University of Twente (NL), in cooperation with Imperial College London (UK) and University of Aalborg (DK) have developed a profoundly new prosthetic...
By applying superconducting electrodes, made of niobium, to a thin crystal flake of bismuth doped with antimony, a superconducting current flows through the material at a temperature of 10 milli Kelvin. In a superconductor, paired electrons, so-called Cooper pairs, are responsible for conduction. This is not the mechanism inside the bismuth: here, Majorana particles are responsible.

Superconductivity where you don’t expect it

The special properties of 'topological materials' typically occur at their surface. These materials, for instance, insulators that do lead current at their surface, are...
Enhancing 'breath figures' using electric fields efficient condensation

Enhancing ‘breath figures’ using electric fields efficient condensation

In physics, the term breath figures are used to describe dropwise condensation patterns. The evolution of this patterns is only possible by applying a...
sleeping baby

Safe sleep advice to prevent cot deaths not always taken seriously

According to the findings of the Peiling Veilig Slapen (Safe Sleep Survey), a substantial proportion of parents do not follow the advice they are being given...
3D prints and laser-cut icons on the meditation suit’s fabric indicate where the sensors and cable connections are located.

High-tech meditation kit to make meditation measurable

Along with a designer, scientists, businesses, students and the DesignLab University of Twente, Danielle Roberts was working on a plan of developing a high-tech meditation kit that...
The first robotic birds: Robots flying like birds

The first robotic birds: Robots flying like birds

Scientists at the University of Twente have developed the first robotic birds, like the RoBird that are flying and operational right now. All things considered, taking off...
Precious Plastic Recycling Machines

Students recycled plastic with self-built waste machines

Students at the University of Twente have developed Precious Plastic Recycling Machines by grind up plastic waste with a shredder. They are going to present...
worried cancer patient

Scientist says financial toxicity of cancer problem is ‘an underestimated problem’

Scientists from the University of Twente in the Netherlands have carried out the first large-scale literature review of the financial toxicity of cancer treatments,...
The multilayer neural net setup, used for classifying EEG readings

Male and female brain rhythms show differences

In a new University of Twente which includes detecting brain signals of males and females brain using EEG signals. The distinction can't be distinguished by a...