Thursday, June 8, 2023

University of Twente

Liquid light shows social behavior, study

The photons try to stay together as a group by choosing the path that leads to the lowest losses.

A high-speed camera captures how a water jet pierces a droplet

The results may help engineers develop a way to inject drugs without needles.

New algorithm to generate 3D models of the insides of large buildings

A complete workflow that allows to generate 3D models from point clouds of buildings.

New electrical generator harvest energy from droplets

Newly proposed charge trapping‐based electricity generator (CTEG) harvests passive energy from water droplets and other sources of mechanical energy with high efficiency.

Being thankful can make you happier, study

A new study has evaluated the impact of gratitude on mental wellbeing. The study conducted by the University of Twente found that consciously training...

Shared use of Ventilators is possible, propose scientists

The coronavirus is straining the global health care system, and one piece of lifesaving medical equipment is in particularly scarce supply: mechanical ventilators. In...

The physics of bubble evolution

Avoiding bubble troubles.

The liquid helix and the teapot effect

The problem with teapots is their annoying habit of dribbling, particularly at low rates of flow. The phenomenon has achieved such notoriety that it...

New prosthetic technology lets you control artificial arms

Scientists at the University of Twente (NL), in cooperation with Imperial College London (UK) and University of Aalborg (DK) have developed a profoundly new prosthetic...

Superconductivity where you don’t expect it

The special properties of 'topological materials' typically occur at their surface. These materials, for instance, insulators that do lead current at their surface, are...

Enhancing ‘breath figures’ using electric fields efficient condensation

In physics, the term breath figures are used to describe dropwise condensation patterns. The evolution of this patterns is only possible by applying a...

Safe sleep advice to prevent cot deaths not always taken seriously

According to the findings of the Peiling Veilig Slapen (Safe Sleep Survey), a substantial proportion of parents do not follow the advice they are being given...

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