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Could the heat of the Earth’s crust become the ultimate energy source?

Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Sanoh Industrial developed a very stable battery cell that can directly convert heat into electricity, thus finally providing a way for exploiting geothermal energy in a sustainable way.
Illustration of water's local structures. The blue lines show the H2O molecules of tetrahedral structure, the red lines show H2O molecules of disordered structure. The large balls show oxygen atoms, the small balls show hydrogen and the dotted white lines represent Hydrogen bonds. Credit: 2018 Hajime Tanaka, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo

Fast vs slow water: explaining the fragile-to-strong transition

A Japanese research group driven by The University of Tokyo examined the fragile-to-strong transition of water. Not at all like most fluids, when water...
IRAS 15398-3359 is a Class 0 protostar, invisible to human eyes, it must be viewed in longer wavelengths. CREDIT ©2018 Yuki Okoda, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo

Little star sheds light on young planets

In early 2017, graduate student Yuki Okoda received a complex data on a nearby star from her Professor Yoko Oya, through which she could begin her Ph.D. Little did...
The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot yet

The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot yet

A group of analysts at the University of Tokyo has made what has all the earmarks of being the most advanced humanoid robot yet—really...