Saturday, November 26, 2022

University of Sydney

1.4 million Australians will die of cancer in the next 25 years

Major investment is needed for effective cancer prevention.

Giant stars undergo dramatic weight loss program

Only around 40 of these stars exist amid a sea of thousands in the Milky Way.

New technology gives autonomous vehicles X-ray vision

Giving smart cars x-ray vision.

A long-standing mystery about the Sun solved

New solar modeling could help predict space weather.

Astronomers identified a piece of the Milky Way’s missing matter

Astronomers look for radio sources in the distant background to see how they 'shimmered'.

Astronomers identified a rhythm among pulsating stars

By listening to the heartbeat of the stars, astronomers for the first time detected a rhythm of life for a class of stellar objects...

Scientists discover mood-altering brain receptor

Anxiety, pain, possible targets of new medications.

Pregnancy stress linked to lower sperm count in male offspring

Pregnancy is a time of many changes. A pregnant lady can add new stresses to your life. Feeling stressed is common during pregnancy. But...

World’s oldest semen still viable

Sperm could remain functional for several years, suggests a new study. To prove this, the semen was frozen in 1968 by Steven Salamon of the...

Walking faster could make you live longer, study

A new study by the University of Sydney suggests that speeding up your walking pace could extend your life. It is also associated with...

Eggs intake not linked to cardiovascular risk, despite conflicting advice

According to a new study by the University of Sydney, eating up to 12 eggs per week for a year did not increase cardiovascular risk factors...

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