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A heat-map demonstrating where differences are most likely to occur in shell shape among gastropods exposed to raised CO2 levels (with red indicating a greater degree of change) CREDIT Ben Harvey

Sea snail shells dissolve in increasingly acidified oceans, study shows

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and the University of Plymouth, UK, assessed the impact of rising carbon dioxide levels on the large...
Geologists reveal ancient connection between England and France

Geologists reveal ancient connection between England and France

The geology of Great Britain is renowned for its diversity. It was believed that England, Wales and Scotland were created by the merger of Avalonia...
3D bioprinter revolutionises skin research

3D bioprinter revolutionises skin research

Another bit of innovation at the University of Plymouth is helping analysts to build up a working skin substitute – which can emulate functional...
New study into weever fish

Why can weever fish make beach visits a painful experience?

Despite its small size, the weever fish features long, needle-sharp spines that will inject venom in their most frequent victims - surfers, beachgoers, swimmers,...
What we see is distorted by what we expect to see, study

What we see is distorted by what we expect to see, study

According to a new study by the University of Plymouth, humans 'see' the actions of others not quite as they really are, but slightly distorted...
Corals, such as this table Acroporid, provide habitats for a wide range of fauna (photo: Marco Milazzo)

Ocean acidification largely impacts on marine life

Carbon dioxide emissions are rising and causing a bad impact on marine life as heat waves and ocean acidification damage marine ecosystems. In a new...
keys in the fridge and the milk on the side

Ever gone to put your keys in the fridge and the milk on the...

Many people will have experienced the frustration of putting their car keys in the fridge while leaving the milk out on the side. Undoubtedly,...

New research helps address problem of hospital bed blocking

Another examination has addressed presumptions about the most ideal approach to stop superfluous admissions and broadened hospital stays for slight, elderly individuals. The study...
basic password guidance

There is little improvement in basic password guidance, study

According to a study by the University of Plymouth suggests that most leading brand on the internet including Amazon and Wikipedia, are failing to support users with...