Sunday, June 4, 2023

University of Oxford

Giant predatory dinosaurs could hunt underwater, found study

They include species like Spinosaurus from northern Africa and Baryonyx from England.

The inner workings of heat conduction in galaxy clusters revealed

Unraveling the inner workings of heat conduction in the largest building blocks of our Universe.

Scientists created the largest ever human family tree

A single genealogy that traces the ancestry of all of us.

New HIV variant is highly virulent and damaging

Individuals had a viral load (the level of the virus in the blood) between 3.5 and 5.5 times higher.

New blood test to detect a range of cancers

Scientists from the University of Oxford have developed a new blood test that can detect a range of cancers and whether these cancers have...

Study uncovers the importance of iron for the development of complex life

The study also may hint at the likelihood of complex life on other planets.

Safer carbon capture and storage

It will play an important role in tackling the climate crisis.

Generating quantum states of sound inside a microscopic device

Towards quantum states of sound.

Iron is integral to the development of life on Earth

The study may hint at the likelihood of complex life on other planets.

False fossil could mislead the search for life on Mars

At some stage a Mars rover will almost certainly find something that looks a lot like a fossil.

This drug could improve heart function in diabetic people

Drug could help diabetic hearts recover after a heart attack.

The largest-ever study of TB identifies genetic causes of drug resistance

The Comprehensive Resistance Prediction for Tuberculosis International Consortium (CRyPTIC) research project.

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