University of Oxford

Males and females are evolutionarily programmed differently in terms of sex

Males and females not only behave differently in terms of sex, they are evolutionarily programmed to do so

Scientists measured carbon at pressures reaching 2,000 GPa

NIF experiments probe carbon at record pressures.

A two-step formation process of the early Solar System

A new theoretical framework for the formation and structure of the Solar System.

Obesity can increase the risk of kidney disease, study

Regardless of where it is deposited in the body, fat increases the risk of kidney disease.

Junk DNA could be rewiring our brains

Transposons might play an important altruistic role in our bodies.

Oxford coronavirus vaccine induces strong immune responses

A safe, effective and accessible vaccine against coronavirus.

Half of UK parents uncomfortable with children attending school following lockdown

COVID-19 has caused significant disruptions to families’ lives through social distancing, school closures, and lock-down. This is also a rapidly changing situation where different...

Tracing the evolution of hemoglobin

A new study has identified the evolutionary “missing link” through which hemoglobin evolved from simple precursors. They found that the rise of modern hemoglobin's...

Hardcore football fans experience the greatest physiological stress response

Fans who are ‘fused’ with their team are more likely to experience intense – potentially dangerous – levels of stress while watching live football.

Creating fake rhino horn using horsehair

A blueprint to create credible fakes that could eventually flood a market that has decimated the wild rhino population.