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Various combinations of algal species were grown in 80 cattle tanks in a federally funded biofuels experiment at the University of Michigan’s E.S. George Reserve near Pinckney, Mich. Each of the 290-gallon cattle tanks contains from one to four freshwater algal species. Image credit: Daryl Marshke, Michigan Photography

Turning algae into diesel fuel

Scientists at the University of Munich are working on a way to turn algae into diesel fuel. Of course, this will be the first...
The ocean east of Greenland is covered by ice all year round (the white line shows the boundary of the oceanic ice). The water underneath is subject to a dynamic seasonal process and is influenced by the currents of the Atlantic ocean. (Illustration: Marcello Passaro, Felix Müller / DGFI-TUM)

New analysis method for radar satellites

Changes in sea level and ocean currents in the ice-covered regions of the Arctic and Antarctic, in particular, are very difficult to detect. It's...