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Drugs' side effects in lungs 'more widespread than thought'

Drugs’ side effects in lungs ‘more widespread than thought’

Drug-induced interstitial lung disease (DIILD) occurs as a result of numerous agents, but the risk often only becomes apparent after the marketing authorization of...
Ichthyosaur skeleton Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum Lower Saxony State Museum Germany (2)

Are paleontologists naming too many species?

A complete new examination taking a gander at varieties in Ichthyosaurus, a typical British Jurassic ichthyosaur (maritime reptile) otherwise called 'Ocean Dragons', has given...
Impression of flying robot bee

Jumping spiders and flying bees: The advancement in bio inspired microrobots

Aiming to lead the world in micro-robotics, researchers at the University of Manchester are working on projects like Jumping spiders and flying bees- sounds...

Scientists devised functioning kidney tissue

Scientists from the University of Manchester have developed a human kidney tissue within a living organism which is efficient to produce urine, a first...
Shale gas: a sustainable way to produce electricity

Shale gas: a sustainable way to produce electricity

Shale gas is one of slightest practical choices for creating power, as per new research from The University of Manchester. The real examination, which is...