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Ichthyosaur skeleton Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum Lower Saxony State Museum Germany (2)

Are paleontologists naming too many species?

A complete new examination taking a gander at varieties in Ichthyosaurus, a typical British Jurassic ichthyosaur (maritime reptile) otherwise called 'Ocean Dragons', has given...
Impression of flying robot bee

Jumping spiders and flying bees: The advancement in bio inspired microrobots

Aiming to lead the world in micro-robotics, researchers at the University of Manchester are working on projects like Jumping spiders and flying bees- sounds...

Scientists devised functioning kidney tissue

Scientists from the University of Manchester have developed a human kidney tissue within a living organism which is efficient to produce urine, a first...
Shale gas: a sustainable way to produce electricity

Shale gas: a sustainable way to produce electricity

Shale gas is one of slightest practical choices for creating power, as per new research from The University of Manchester. The real examination, which is...