Saturday, May 21, 2022

University of Manchester

Astronomers discovered a near-identical twin of Jupiter

New planetary discovery from the grave.

Women are generally less likely to self-harm during and after pregnancy

The study advances understanding of how pregnancy and post-pregnancy affect self-harm risk.

Insights into creating a source of oxygen on Moon or Mars

How easy is it to create oxygen from water on Mars?

Scientists successfully produced particle-antiparticle pairs from a vacuum

Cosmic physics mimicked on table-top as graphene enables Schwinger effect.

A 900-year-old cosmic mystery surrounding Chinese supernova solved

The mystery surrounding the origins of a supernova first spotted over China in 1181AD has finally been solved.

A mysterious population of free-floating planets uncovered

These new events do not show an accompanying longer signal that might be expected from a host star.

8 new millisecond pulsars discovered within globular clusters

Because of its highly elliptical orbit, and massive companion, this system is likely the result of an exchange of partners: following a 'close encounter'.

Game theory could maximize the potential of finding intelligent alien life

A new strategy based on game theory could tip the odds of finding them more in our favor.

Scientists discovered high-pressure mineral in lunar meteorite

It was discovered within the lunar meteorite Oued Awlitis 001 found in 2014 in the Western Sahara.

Astrophysicists accurately confirmed cornerstone of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Einstein's theory of gravity—the general theory of relativity—is based on the universality of free fall, which specifies that all objects accelerate identically in an...

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