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Flooded area in the centre of Manaus, 2009. Credit: Jochen Schöngart

Flood frequency of the Amazon river has increased fivefold

A recent investigation of over 100 long periods of river level records from the Amazon demonstrates a huge increment in frequency and seriousness of...
air quality, Indian traffic

Improvement in air quality can prevent thousands of deaths in India

Indian cities are considered as most polluted in the world. An estimate suggests that almost 1.6 million deaths occur due to air pollution, which...

Scientists now can observe how cells move inside the human body

Cell movement could give researchers extra insight and tools to tackle cancers and other diseases. Thanks to a new way that enable researchers to...
Pregnant women, resized belly

Motherhood and inflammatory bowel disease

A new study by the scientists at the University of Leeds, women with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) requires more knowledge about pregnancy. This will help...
girl, backpack

Air pollution impact on childhood asthma, study

The investigation, drove by the University of Leeds, likewise indicates activity related air contamination could be particularly in charge of up to 24% of...
heart, Stethoscope

Scientists found an association between chronic ill health and heart attack

The study conducted at the University of Leeds unveiled that certain chronic conditions cluster together and that clustering had an association on how long...
energy supply

Re-thinking on energy charging could reduce bills for 70% of households, study found

Researchers from the University of Leeds have discovered that 70 percent of UK households would be enhanced if costs of government energy policy were...
two hands, mask

Research outlines fake news production and social media ‘trolls’

In accordance with a recent study by the scientists from the University of Leeds, a network of digital workers is designing political disinformation campaigns,...
Ancient outcrops offer new depth limit for deep-sea burrows

Ancient outcrops offer new depth limit for deep-sea burrows

A group of researchers from the University of Leeds and the National Oceanography Center analyzed stays of remote ocean tunnels in ancient outcrops that...