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An illustration of the 15-micrometre-wide drumheads prepared on silicon chips used in the experiment. Image: Aalto University / Petja Hyttinen; Olli Hanhirova, ARKH Architects.

New frontiers of quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics that is difficult to understand, usually considered as a hypothesis describing the world of the infinitesimally small particles. They are far removed from...
Diagrammatic representation ft) and solid state structure

A game-change in aluminium chemistry

In a new study by the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and University of Jyväskylä (Finland), scientists found a totally new method of reactivity for...
driver using smartphone

Finnish drivers use WhatsApp, PokémonGo and Tinder while driving

Specialists at the University of Jyväskylä followed how Finnish drivers utilize their cell phones while driving. Drivers appear to utilize indistinguishable applications in rush...
Drones can be a security risk.

Unmanned traffic can maximize the spread of chemical weapons

Unmanned gadgets are particularly valuable in substance, organic, radiological, atomic and explosives (CBRNE) safeguard, however, unmanned movement may likewise expand the spread of synthetic...
The dissolved organic carbon from the Amazon Rivers spreads into the Atlantic Ocean to be decomposed by solar radiation. The river plume containing terrestrial dissolved organic carbon can be seen as dark regions in the Atlantic Ocean. The picture taken on 30 September 2006 shows that the river plume has extended first about 700 km in the front of Guyana and turned there towards the open ocean

Solar radiation mineralizes the terrestrial soluble organic carbon in the ocean

Rivers release yearly 248 teragrams (248 000 grams) of earthly broke up natural carbon from the landmasses to the sea. The lion's share of...
Close up of male finger with blood drop and test stripe

Diabetes did not increase early retirement, study

A new study by the University of Jyväskylä focuses on diabetes and work loss due to early retirement. The study conducted on 13,000 people born in Helsinki...
Most of the middle-aged people show a high level of mental well-being, study says

Most of the middle-aged people show a high level of mental well-being, study says

A late investigation at the University of Jyväskylä has discovered a shockingly abnormal state of mental prosperity among moderately aged people. The examination inspected different...