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The structure of an enzyme that plays a key role in inflammatory processes, with which at the University of Innsbruck identify binding pocket for vitamin E metabolites (top left). (Credit: Veronika Temml)

Effects of Vitamin E more diverse than thought

At the University of Innsbruck, a pharmacy team has been inquiring about normal items for their anti-inflammatory impacts for quite a while. The investigations...
Image: The formation of clouds is the focus of research by Prof. Armin Hansel

How clouds are formed even at low temperatures?

There are small aerosol particles floating in the air constantly. Though, the particles are not visible to the naked eye and perform a significant role...
he researchers simulated the energy bonds of molecular hydrogen and lithium hydride. (Credit: IQOQI Innsbruck/Harald Ritsch)

Quantum computer simulation of chemical bonds

Quantum chemistry endeavors to comprehend the complicated bonds and reactions of molecules with the assistance of quantum mechanics. Numerous subtle elements of a chemical...
Image: In a specially constructed experiment, the researchers can observe the exchange reaction in detail, almost like in a film. (Credit: Royal Society of Chemistry)

Binding break: join in or not?

Nucleophilic substitution is a commonly used reaction in organic chemistry. It assumes an imperative part in the synthesis of new compounds or biomolecules in solution...