University of Exeter

Attitude of Gratitude keeps older people helpful

Older people in Japan have an “attitude of gratitude” which keeps them feeling hopeful despite the challenges of aging.

Unexpected theoretical breakthrough in the field of electromagnetism

Physicists solve the geometrical puzzles in electromagnetism.

Nights warming faster than days, study

Global warming is affecting daytime and night-time temperatures differently.

First measurement of spin-orbit alignment for a distant ‘super-Jupiter’ planet

For the first time, astronomers have measured the spin-orbit alignment for a distant 'super-Jupiter' planet called Beta Pictoris b that located 63 light-years from...

Half of the world’s population is exposed to increasing air pollution, study

A new study conducted with WHO has suggested that regardless of global endeavors to improve air quality, vast swathes of the world's populace are...

Younger people reported more loneliness than the middle-aged

A new study examined differences in the experience of loneliness across cultures, age, and gender, and the interaction between these factors. It found that...

New drug could potentially reduce deadly brain damage after stroke

Scientists from the University of Exeter have discovered how a glitch in the way essential proteins are transported within the brain after a stroke...

Marine animals could help humans monitor oceans

Sharks, penguins, turtles and other seagoing species could help humans monitor the oceans by transmitting oceanographic information from electronic tags.

Living close to the sea could support better mental health

Living near the coast may help mitigate health inequalities.

Green turtles swallow plastic that looks like their food

Debris ingestion in these species is considered a global research priority.