University of Chicago

A study reveals why octopuses suffer a tragic death after mating

The study points to changes in cholesterol production.

Scientists created strange quantum ‘domain walls’

Controlled for first time, quantum phenomenon could suggest avenues for technology.

Understanding biology using quantum technology

Scientists hope sensors using quantum tech could transform biology research.

New state of matter discovered at high temperature, pressure

Strange black ‘superionic ice’ that could exist inside other planets.

Detecting gravitational waves using AI

This work highlights the significant value of data infrastructure to the scientific community.

Scientists sent entangled qubit states through a communication cable

The study could lay the groundwork for future quantum communication networks.

A novel approach to control interactions between microwave photons and magnons

A scientific control that is a first of its kind.

When did earth’s plate subduction begin?

Several billion-year-old rocks tell the story of the planet’s transition from alien landscape to one of continents, oceans, and ultimately life.

Synthesizing ‘bright’ quantum bits

This is a proof-of-concept of a powerful and scalable quantum technology.

Study reveals the secrets to designing brain-like devices

A model to predict how to trigger the transition.

New clues into how Earth got its oxygen

The innovative technique analyzes ancient rocks to understand the role of iron.

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