Saturday, April 1, 2023

University of Canterbury

Microplastics found in fresh snow in Antarctica

A serious threat to the Antarctic.

An innovative tech to generate renewable energy and capture carbon

An innovative method that could solve two wicked problems of climate change.

Astronomers spotted quadruple stars, which may spark supernova explosions

The youngest spectroscopic quadruple discovered in the Milky Way Galaxy to date.

Turning hydrogen peroxide into a non-toxic rocket fuel using 3D printing

3D printing helps turn ‘bleach’ into non-toxic rocket fuel.

Airborne microplastics directly impact climate change, study

The study is the first to investigate the effects of airborne microplastics on climate.

New wound gel to treat foot ulcers

A new treatment that could help heal horses and humans alike.

Compostable plastic can be turned into an insulating foam

The process is like opening a can of soda and releasing the carbonation.

Wild pigs release the same emissions as 1 million cars each year

Assessing the threat of invasive species is an important tool for reducing carbon emissions.

Good night’s sleep could vastly improve children’s behavior in Autism

A reduction in sleep problems for children on the autism spectrum vastly improves those children’s behavior.

Student developed a life-saver medical device

A tool that helps medical staff create a new airway for patients in an emergency.

How earthquake triggers volcanic eruptions?

Scientists reviewed current knowledge, and introduce a novel framework to help characterize earthquake-triggering processes.

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