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University of Canterbury microbiologist Dr Matthew Stott takes a sample at the Champagne Pool in the Waiotapu geothermal area of the North Island of New Zealand.

The $1 million mystery of 1000 hot springs

By sampling hot pools in the Taupō Volcanic Zone for more than two years, scientists at the University of Canterbury have provided unique insight into...
University of Canterbury doctoral student Philipp Sueltrop, in Electrical and Computer Engineering in UC’s College of Engineering, is working to prevent the effects of fuel slosh in rockets using mathematical algorithms, by predicting movement and adjusting the flight movement before fuel slosh becomes a problem.

Making rocket launching faster, cheaper, better

A noteworthy test of launching rockets is fuel movement inside the tanks impacting the trajectory of rockets through resonance. Substantial mechanical rings inside fuel...
UC MSc student Levi Robinson is working with students from Te Kura o Tuahiwi to sample kōwaro at Tūhaitara Coastal Park in North Canterbury, as part of a BioHeritage Challenge project led by UC Associate Professor Tammy Steeves.

DNA could help save threatened species

University of Canterbury specialists is gathering DNA data from one of Aotearoa New Zealand's most undermined freshwater fish– the Canterbury mudfish (kōwaro) – with...
A 3D MARS image of an ankle viewed from the side where the soft tissue (coloured in red) has been made translucent to show the bones (white) and lipid-like material (yellow) inside the ankle.

First human scanned with next-generation 3D color medical scanner

Scientists at the Universities of Canterbury and Otago have developed a revolutionary new 3D color medical scanner that is expected to revolutionize medical imaging globally. Dubbed as...
Reducing a river's size is likely to reduce its capacity to support predatory fish. Underwater view of the Waimakariri River, Canterbury. Photo credit: Angus McIntosh/University of Canterbury

Shrinking rivers affect fish populations

New research from the University of Canterbury distributed today has discovered that a shrinking river is less able to help larger predatory fish, for...
University of Canterbury Associate Professor Girish Prayag (pictured above) and Associate Professor Lucie Ozanne, of the Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship department, UC College of Business & Law, said the research will allow the regional tourism industry to devise and implement a clear response strategy to peer-to-peer accommodation.

Scientists to reveal impact of Airbnb accommodation on Canterbury tourism

The University of Canterbury (UC) and Christchurch NZ are cooperating on the project, which will investigate the financial, social and natural effect of Airbnb...
UC Master of Engineering student Benjamin Houlton is researching how filters can be 3D-printed to remove trace metals from wastewater streams and other polluted waterways.

Student develops new 3D-printed water filter to save lives

UC Master of Engineering student Benjamin Houlton from the University of Canterbury is developing 3D-printed water filters that can enhance water quality in developing countries. He is...
Some Salmonella strains can be nasty bacteria that cause nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, and other food poisoning symptoms, while others can be relatively harmless.

Smart software sniffs sick strain of Salmonella

Dr Nicole Wheeler from the University of Canterbury in collaboration with Associate Professor Paul Gardner from the Helmholtz Institute has developed a smart software to...
UC Senior Lecturer in Modern European History Dr Heather Wolffram’s new book – Forensic Psychology in Germany, 1880-1939: Witnessing Crime – examines the emergence and early development of forensic psychology in Germany from the late nineteenth century until the outbreak of the Second World War.

Enlightening reliability of child witnesses

A new research in historical German forensic psychology enlightens the reliability of witness declaration, especially in situations where kids show up as indictment witnesses. The study...