Tuesday, July 5, 2022

University of Bristol

Virac: Simple clinical tool can help diagnose spinal fractures

Assisting medical staff spot vertebral fractures that might otherwise have been missed.

Scientists discovered novel brain fear mechanisms

The study offers a target for anxiety-reducing drugs.

Study shed intriguing new light on magma deep below Earth’s surface

This discovery allows scientists to predict how and where hydrous magmas move within Earth’s interior.

New technology to aid surgeons with keyhole heart valve surgery

It will prevent converting a keyhole heart valve operation to open-heart surgery.

Binge-watching TV is linked to potentially fatal blood clots

Take breaks when binge-watching TV to avoid blood clots.

Being overweight may cause more hospital admissions than previously thought

The study used a genetic technique to identify the sole impact of body composition on hospital admissions.

Gravitational action of Sun and Moon influence behavior of organisms

All organisms exhibit cyclical modulations in their activity levels, considering the need for an adaptation. Long-term and short-term cycles are thus predominant and are...

Novel strategy for sustainable post-lithium-ion batteries

Scientists are astounded by the performance of sustainable batteries with far-reaching implications.

Regular exercise can reduce their risk of developing and dying from pneumonia

People who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of developing and dying from pneumonia.

In the quantum realm, not even time flows as expected

The boundary between time moving forward and backward may blur in quantum mechanics.

Scientists identified humor’s earliest emergence

Young children’s ability to laugh and make jokes has been mapped by age for the first time.

Common blood pressure drug does not slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s

Determining the safety and efficiency of common blood pressure drugs in clinically diagnosed AD.

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