University of Bristol

Male dolphins coordinate just like humans

When it comes to collaboration, male dolphins coordinate their behavior similar to humans, suggests a new study by the researchers from the...

New photosynthetic protein system for more sustainable solar-powered devices

Scientists from the University of Bristol have developed a photosynthetic protein system using both chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll to enhance a more sustainable...

Developing electronics for extreme energy efficiency

As transistor leakage current increases with temperature, nanoelectromechanical relays have risen as a promising alternative to transistors for such applications. Be that...

A new treatment for stimulating the growth of new blood vessels

Thanks to the funding of over £100,000 from national charity Heart Research UK.

A drug used widely to treat a common eye condition has no benefit, study

Evaluating whether eplerenone was superior to placebo in terms of improving visual acuity in patients with chronic CSCR.

Focusing on teenage anxiety may help early identification of the risk of eating disorders

Teenage girls who experience clinical levels of anxiety could be at greater risk of eating disorders, according to associations identified in a study completed by researchers at the University of Bristol with UCL.

Baby boy’s and girl’s immune systems respond differently to prebiotics and probiotics

Probiotics and prebiotics work differently in girls and boys.

Being active reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK*, yet we still don't know all of its causes.

The effect of sleep on eyewitness memory

Sleep does not improve eyewitness identification accuracy.