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Older adults who become physical may reduce their risk of heart disease

Older adults who become physical may reduce their risk of heart disease

Cardiovascular disease risk is higher in older adults. Thus, it is essential for them to understand how inactivity might influence risk in this age group. Physical...
Chip containing all the optical components used to generate quantum-based random numbers at high speed. Here the chip, at the bottom-right corner of the picture, is placed next to a penny coin for comparison. Francesco Raffaelli, University of Bristol

New silicon chip generates quantum-random-numbers for information security

An international team of scientists at the University of Bristol has designed a silicon chip that could generate quantum-random-numbers at gigabit per second speeds. It...
Melanosomes in extant frogs. a–v Histological sections stained with Fontana-Masson; melanosomes (and aggregates of melanosomes) appear black. Insets in f and v show isolated melanosomes. w–al Scanning electron micrographs. Scale bar in a, 20 µm, and same scale in a–v; scale bar in w, 2 µm, and same scale in w–al

New sources of melanin pigment shake up ideas about fossil animals’ colour

Numerous ongoing investigations of fossil color have expected that fossilized granules of melanin – melanosomes – originate from the skin. In any case, new...
High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to mother's heart function

High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to mother’s heart function

The examination, drove by Imperial College London and analysts from the Universities of Bristol and Cambridge, additionally recommend pregnant women who develop blood pressure...
A suspension of bacteria confined between two plates behaves as a negative viscosity fluid: pulling the top solid plate to the left make it move to the right. A. Loisy, J. Eggers, and T. Liverpool, University of Bristol

Swimming bacteria work together to go with the flow

Viscosity is a fluid's resistance from the flow. For instance, oil does not flow as quick as water when spilled out on the grounds...
virtual reality (VR) cloud-based platform

New drug and material discoveries to be untangled in VR

A joint group of computer science and chemistry analysts, in a joint effort with designers at Bristol-based start-up Interactive Scientific and Oracle Corporation, have...
Group of children participating in dance fitness class.

Can peer power make teenage girls more active?

Another examination by the University of Bristol will test whether teenage girls activity levels can be expanded through consider intercession from their peers, instead...

Scientists set sail for Greenland’s fjords to unravel mysteries of nutrient cycling

Glaciers are known to be a wellspring of phosphate, silicon, and iron, supplements that are basic for the development of the marine algae that...

Spending more time in education causes myopia, study

For over a century, observational examinations have announced connections amongst education and myopia. It's been observed that children with myopia are more studious, or...